I've only seen Marcia once.

My room is three times as large as yours.

They sold a refrigerator.

We don't really have anything in common.

His anger is understandable.

I thought you'd like Molly.

I do hope we don't lose.

How come he didn't show up?

I appreciate your suggestion.

Dori agreed that it might happen.


Thinking hurts.

I'll be home all weekend.

Keep on trying.


Come on, it'll be all right.

This isn't really anything new.

Sabrina has not yet made up his mind.

I've never seen as many people as this photograph the same rainbow.

Randal didn't win the race, ruining his perfect record.

The report gives a sober assessment of the current state of science education in the US.

I'm a masochist.

Dorian disappointed Blaine.

I'm trying to find my balance back.

I'm not afraid of anything after having verbal abuse heaped on me like that. In fact, I feel empowered by it.

Randell bought a bucket of extra-spicy fried chicken and a container of coleslaw.

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Has she already finished reading the book?

They're married.

Raanan knows you're the one that started this.

Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Pria writes home to his parents at least once a month.


I'm looking forward to seeing you again before long.


I feel terrible about my mistake.


It was relatively quiet.


He said it merely as a joke.


Carsten never told Jin where he hid the diamonds.

I will show you around in return.

I just picked three of these up in Boston.


Roger got taken to the cleaners.

Herman doesn't think doing this is worth our time.

I've been ready for hours.

Warm beer is minging.

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow.

The boy bent his steps from the path.

The children played with toy blocks.


Tell me where I can find her.

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I was very surprised at the news.


She borrowed the book from him.

I know you are rich.

They sat around the table to play cards.


That's why I left.


It was wrong.

Cesar Chavez asked that strikers remain non-violent even though farm owners and their supporters sometimes used violence.

I bet all the boys want your phone number.

Have you ever told your boyfriend a lie?

We must've been followed.

They tried to walk past Kristen.

Where do you shop?

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I left a new umbrella in the bus.

There was an angry crowd gathered outside the courthouse causing a riot.

What a huge setback will make a people suicide.

Let me put down your new phone number in my notebook.

His company is dangling by a thread. That's the rumor I hear.

Paul was attacked by a wolf.

I have faith in the future.

I just need to know what Mayo wants.

Close your eyes again.


Don't peek.

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Is there anything we can do?

Rusty wrote a scathing review of Miek's book.

Despite his fame, he is not happy.

How would you say that in German?

She asked me to open the window.

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Sure. Right away.

Who doesn't love a rebel?

Did you see our new website?


There is too much furniture in the house.

If she hadn't made waves about it, she never would have got her money back.

We have to deal with this now.


That's the place where I used to work.

Markku felt that he had sorted everything out.

No one will obey you.

Have you ever slaughtered a sheep?

Be a little more careful next time.


I remember that place.

The train is leaving the station.

You're going to be the death of me.

Dick has been dependent on his parents, but is now independent of them.

Were warning shots fired?

Hey, you forgot your kiss. Sorry, your keys.

Would you give me a hint?

We dated on and off through college.

We almost drowned.

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I thought I told you to stay in the car.

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Ask them to join us.

You had better consult a doctor about your health.

I've got this little job I want you to do.

Since 9.11 large scale acts of terrorism have occurred all over the world.

I love arguing with her.

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I think Mayo will follow your advice.


Written in plain English, this book is easy to read.

Mother tied up three pencils with a piece of string.

I think about Louis all the time.

Did you actually see Damone going into the Lar's office?

Even though we tried our best, it was useless.


It's one of Tatoeba's best kept secrets.

She will survive.

I have to go find her.


I'm losing my patience.

Would you put out the candles?

Don't expect everyone to think the same way you do.

In marriage there will be no peace if "mine" and "yours" rules.

He said that English was his maternal language, but his accent was a dead giveaway.

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I don't get it. Where's the punch line?


His prediction might come true.

Nhan had trouble finding work.

Ellen was afraid that Mickey might change her mind.

The occupation forces did not hesitate to shoot into the crowds, killing scores of civilians, many of whom were women and children.

Where would you rather go?


He whistled as he went along.

I'm worn out by the hard work.

I'm still afraid of you.

I know it's not what you were hoping for, but here's all the money I can give you.

Charles and Gregge had a romantic dinner to celebrate the first anniversary of their being together.

I will do it at the first opportunity.

I can't forget her look.

Alberto was excited about something.

Elijah isn't giving up yet.


Tell her that I am just joking with her.


We celebrated his birthday with a party.

I'm learning Turkmen.

We don't want her to leave.

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I've known her for a long time.

The rumor was not based on facts.

Do you know where Holly is?

In Greek mythology, Hermes, the son of Zeus, is the messenger of the gods.

Does Irwin like school?

Mr. Jackson is our teacher.

All but Mike were present at the party.

My cousin in Hokkaido is a good skier.

Please lower the flag.

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Just stay put for a minute while I look for him.

They follow the masses and structure their lives mainly to please the perception of others. They're sheeple. Every last one of them.

The storm prevented us from arriving on time.


I have to find out when Vern plans to leave.

I prefer something better.

"There's cake. Would you like some?" "Yeah!"


She isn't used to sitting up late at night.

Maybe we could go dancing.

The simple perception of natural forms is a delight.

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I'm not doing anything wrong.

This is my daughter.

Is love impossible or an illusion?

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Leslie is the only one who has to leave.

Her voluptuous body attracted me.

She just cleaned her room.

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Where's my lucky blue cap?

Revised put the book back on the shelf.

That's an incredible story.

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Ahmed confessed to murdering Reid.

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She lost herself in the crowd.